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Project Connect

Project Connect is a reentry program that seeks to equip formerly incarcerated men and women with skills and resources critical to navigating the initial months of the reentry process. For people leaving the familiarity of a prison routine, this time is often filled with uncertainty, difficulties, and barriers. Project Connect focuses on situating men and women within a stable halfway house environment, and building their capacity to enter the world of employment.

Brad Janowski is the Vice President of Program and Business Services for AccessAbility, Inc. - a workforce development non-profit that facilitates Project Connect.

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Brad Janowski

Brad provides an overview of the Project Connect pilot program, which focuses on individual planning for post-release.

Brad discusses how Project Connect helps incarcerated people visualize and anticipate life after prison. 

Both long-term cognitive skills and day-to-day practical skills are developed through Project Connect. 

The development of a tangible, written action plan for post-release life is central to Project Connect.

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