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Finding and maintaining employment is a key indicator of successful reentry.

Through prison-based vocational programs, many people become highly trained workers who can contribute needed, specialized skills to the workforce.
Reentry expert Rocky DeYoung describes his experience with bringing formerly incarcerated men and women into the workforce.

Legal support plays a critical role in helping to resolve difficult issues.

Attorney Sean Somermeyer discusses some of the legal problems that ex-inmates can face after emerging from prison.
Debt due to child support obligations can complicate post-prison finances for some. Sean discusses how attorneys can help to restructure child support or other debt payments to make them manageable, while still covering obligations.
Sean discusses his experience helping one reentry client restructure child support payments.


Mentoring and group support are invaluable tools for formerly incarcerated individuals.

Mentor Erick Washington discusses how mentoring fits into successful reentry programs and notes the successes he’s seen.
Erick brings mentors and community members together with men going through reentry to discuss their shared experiences and to relate advice.

Legal Assistance 

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